'' Throughout its 1.720 kilometers of coastline, our Autonomous Community has 129 ports. Of these, the Xunta de Galicia, through the public entity Portos de Galicia, under the Ministry of the Sea, directly manages 122. The other six, larger, are under the supervision of the State, directly dependent on the Ministry of Development and are managed by five Port Authorities: Vigo, Marín, Vilagarcía, A Coruña and Ferrol-San Cibrao. '' © Xunta de Galicia. Information maintained and published on the internet by the Consellería do Mar.
We work with this body from 2008, and, we have been awarded again the batch of "Supply uniformity for the personnel of the central services and peripheral public entity, Portos de Galicia", for two years to its different sections: Port Police, security guard, Safety / PFSO- Security, Technical staff. The shipping of the uniformity of summer and winter will be made personalized by agent and will be sent to each Port.
The garments supplied for winter and summer uniforms are: intervention pants, anorak, windbreaker, trouser covers, technical jersey, polo shirts, thermal shirts, polar shirts, suits, shirts, ties, belts, caps and socks.
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