Advice on finding a suitable wardrobe for each activity and meteorology

In Partenon it is important that our clients have a total knowledge of the products they will acquire in the future. The confection of garments of uniformity requires a communication B2B for a correct execution and production.

The counseling process represents one of the most important steps in all our business relationships. A relationship of trust between the company and the client is established, in which we acquire the commitment to continue improving quality in the textile industry and commercial relations every day.

The commercial relationship that is established allows us to understand what is the right type of uniformity and thus supply high performance garments.

Once the advisory process has been completed, Partenon begins the process of producing the requested technical uniformity.

Custom costume design for state security forces
Costume Design

As a company, Partenon has the human talent and the best technologies to design exclusive and personalized garments. In our production process we have as a maximum that each user obtains a supply of garments and adjusts to their activity and comfort.

The technical quality of our garments, the resistance they offer and the comfort they provide to each of their users are qualities that make us a benchmark company in the sector of comprehensive supply of technical uniformity for state security bodies. They are garments that have gone through all the processes of quality to give the users of them an optimal coverage for their professional activity.

Our personalized garments are always synonymous with comfort and innovation. The constant improvement has given us the confidence of our customers.

Uniformity tailored to optimize resources and user comfort

One of the successes of our company is that we offer the individualized sizing service of each agent, which provides both companies and clients with an optimization of resources.

Thanks to this service we guarantee that a garment fits the measurements of each user. This avoids, for example, that this one receives pants that are much longer, which would force him to adjust it with traditional sewing, which could cause a possible loss of properties of the product.

Our offer of individualized sizing allows each user to obtain a resistant garment perfectly adjusted to their measurements. This guarantees maximum comfort for your daily activity, as well as that the product has a much longer useful life.

Highly qualified team for the design and manufacture of high quality and performance garments

The other most important value of our company is in the way we use technology and innovation to guarantee the quality of all our industrial processes. Behind the manufacturing process of each garment there is a traceability process where the conditions of product quality are studied in each case.

We have a human production team that is in charge of verifying that each garment process is perfectly done, thus favoring the resistance and quality of the garment. The technology we have is optimized equipment for the manufacture of high performance garments.

Once the manufacturing process of each garment has been completed, our innovation technology and highly qualified personnel allow us to comprehensively review each product, complying with quality standards in the security sector.

Sending uniformity to each user individually
Custom delivery

For Partenon, each garment has a unique reason for being and is directly related to a single user. Therefore, once the entire manufacturing process is completed, the product is packaged and delivered exclusively to each user.

By making this personalized delivery we get the user and the pledge to start a relationship of responsibility and belonging. The user acquires a uniformity with the one that represents the body to which it belongs and is responsible for its care and maintenance. Thus providing a unique value to each user, making them participants of the meaning of quality uniformity.

Personal attention from the commercial area of ​​customer services. In addition, a maintenance service is offered in the fire department assuring us of the optimal state of the most technical garments
After sales

Beyond the manufacture and marketing of garments, Partenon offers a service that is backed by its after-sales management. Our mission does not end after delivering the uniformity of service.

We have the responsibility of accompanying customers throughout the process of use. We are aware that there will be many concerns that may arise about its deterioration and lifespan: that is why we will be there to give you that coverage.

Coverage that is reflected, for example, in the laundry service in the case of firefighters since they are uniform and require special care. In this way we ensure that the garment continues to meet its high quality standards and can offer the customer the highest performance.

Our attention with the after-sales service is to consolidate our commitment to quality and trust.

Resource optimization and costume management
Platform by points

Among our most recent services is the platform by points. Costume management platform that is used as the star tool in recent years. It is a software that allows the client to establish a relationship with users and our most orderly and optimized company. Each user, from the points assigned to his profile, can decide which garments he needs to renew without having to buy clothes without criteria. In this way, the client can comprehensively manage the costumes according to what each user has requested.

This platform has been created to offer the customer a new service that brings great value to technical uniformity and reaffirms the confidence in our company.