The City Council of Badalona, ​​has once again placed its trust in us to Uniformar its Guàrdia Urbana for two consecutive years (2018-2019).
Badalona is the third city with the largest number of inhabitants in Barcelona and has the third largest police force in the province, with 281 police officers. To those who will provide Shoftshell jackets, polar, waterproof, biker jackets and caps.
Windbreakers and waterproofs are characterized by offering protection against wind and maximum breathability. They provide maximum comfort and protection in a wide variety of activities.
The supplied polar is a garment made with SoftShell fabric, high performance thermal insulation and great resistance to wear while retaining its appearance over time.
The sale is something more than offering a product and waiting for the client to take it. It requires quality, innovation and confidence; values ​​that our company tries to transmit in each of its processes.