Vigo city located in the northwest of Spain, with constantly changing orographic, architectural and demographic characteristics, it is the largest city in Galicia and therefore its police staff is one of the largest in this Community.

The Local Police of Vigo has made us the adjudicators of the management and provision of the Integral Uniformity for their different groups of police officers (Local Police, Motorcyclists, Cyclists, and other special services) during 2 years contemplating the possibility of two extensions of a year each In a first delivery will be comprehensive for each of the agents and the next installments will be specifically according to the user's need.

For this purpose, within this contract, the novelty we offer our client is the Point Platform, a costume management tool that allows the client to establish a relationship with users and our company in a more orderly and optimized way. Each user, based on the points assigned to their police profile, can decide which garments need to be renewed without having to buy clothes without criteria. In this way, the client can comprehensively manage the costumes according to what each user has requested.

This platform has been created to offer the customer a new service that brings great value to technical uniformity and reaffirms the confidence in our company.