Maintenance is for us the best support we can give our client companies. Our garments have a maintenance service that prolongs its useful life and the quality of its resistance.

Maintenance is part of the guarantees we offer in Partenon to every garment that is produced in our factory. Our manning uniforms are developed with high quality and resistant materials. In addition to this, thanks to the research and development process we can ensure that the useful life of the garment can be guaranteed for years.

However, like everything in life, there is nothing written about the destiny that the garments will live. There may be adverse situations that mistreat textile quality, as well as affecting the seams or the tone of the garment. There are many phenomena that can affect the life of a garment: from rain to fire, as simply the effect of the passage of time.


The issue of maintenance of seams is something that does not happen very often in our company. The fact that our companies are going to be used in organizations of strong jobs such as the fire department, police or private security companies, leads us to use textiles of great resistance.


The sewing, which is the art that allows several textiles to be unified into one, is of reinforced quality. So the garments made in Partenon can not tear easily; it is something that happens only in the most adverse situations, since precisely when developing a garment we study the impact that it will have when used in the client company.

Therefore, when it is reported that it is necessary to perform a seam correction job in the 90% of cases. These are because the agent who used the garment was in a complicated situation as it could be a fire.


However, the laundry service we offer in Partenon is designed so that the garment can be kept hygienic, while its colors are kept alive. It is clear that the effect of washing a garment fades colors with the passage of time. Therefore, we take care that the natural deterioration is to the lowest possible degree.

In our company we have the best laundry machines to allow garments to retain the quality of the original tonalities. If we let this laundry service remain in the hands of the agent, the garment would rapidly de-tin, which means that the uniform will no longer be the same as other garments.


All the maintenance service looks above all to ensure that the life cycle of the garment is prolonged as much as possible. Thanks to our technologies, we can significantly contribute to client companies having with high quality uniforms and that these get the best deal.


To count on our support service is to have a company that recognizes the importance of each item and the service it provides for a specific organization.