Sant Adrià de Besòs, city of the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona, ​​works with Partenon from 2016. And again they have relied on us to launch in the last two years, the integral change of all uniformity according to the new model of Catalonia.
The new decree of uniformity has as an idea to unify all the Catalan police. The design of the uniform has been designed to "give an effective response to the requests of many municipalities and advance in the realization of the basic guidelines for the homogenization of uniformity", and has outstanding novelties such as the ability to interact between garments and bulletproof vests. According to the design, the uniform of all the local police will become dark blue with yellow shoulders and will have modules on the chest and back the word 'Police' or its variants 'Local Police' or 'Guàrdia urbana'.
Having acquired last year long-sleeved polo shirts and pants. This year we have been awarded the lots that contain: windbreaker technical jacket, pants, biker pants, biker protection vest, windproof lining, technical shirt, long sleeve polo shirts and short sleeves, anorak, thermal shirts, thermal pants, caps and socks.
When a possibility of change arises, we must adapt. Only then can it be improved.