Platform by points

Partenon has an intranet service that was designed to support the companies that purchase our products. We know the great importance of each garment within an organization as serious as it can be the fire department or the police, as well as in all the companies that operate in the private security sector.

Each garment has a very important mission to fulfill and acquires a very close relationship with each of the agents working in the organization. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account where each uniform is located, an issue that acquires greater security through the unique code that is generated to further customize each garment.

Create a platform where you could have control of the garments, born as a response from centralize the goods acquired by the customer. Since our service does not end once the sale of each garment has been completed, because we are a responsible company and we have committed ourselves so that each garment is managed in the best possible way.


Thanks to our platform by points, each client has a totally private scenario to recognize the status of each garment. From there you can see which uniform is in maintenance or which is doing its job to be carried by an agent.

This service has all the strength to ensure that only those who really are part of the security company that requires our products will be able to access the platform. The access is private and has all the support to prevent other users from manipulating them.

Private Access

Thanks to this virtue, the system guarantees that the garments are not stolen. Can you imagine what it would mean for someone else to have access to the garments and use them for criminal use? Well, in that aspect we have the best management system to prevent the theft of passwords and validate whoever enters the platform: is really the customer in charge.


The other great virtue of the platform by points is that when contemplating the whole situation in which the garments are found, the client can have a total perspective of the orders he needs. Both to cover the uniforms of the new employees, as well as to replace those that have already completed their life cycle.

Request for Orders

The client, observing that uniforms are in maintenance status, can make intelligent decisions so as not to have a logistics deficit. And for the same reason, if you want to use other strategies to improve your security and hire new employees, the system will inform you of how much the final cost of your initiative will be when buying new clothes.


Each management environment of the client's products is unique and designed to be functional, easy to use and very interactive, being a platform as close as it would be to its own software, developed exclusively for your company.

Every company is a universe. Whether it's an organization such as the police, the fire department or a private security company, each client in charge of the company deserves a unique treatment on the logistics with which it gives life to its service and strengthens its security.

Personal attention

Our platform optimizes the relationship of the garments with the corporate image of the client's company. In this way, it will be easier for you to identify the range of uniforms that you have on hand, which would be very difficult to study if you will use a standard image of the products purchased.