Sicily is one of the 20 regions that make up the Italian Republic. And its Polizia Locale di Ragusa, Noto (Syracuse), Capo D'Orlando (Messina) and the Polizia Metropolitana di Messina, wear Parthenon uniformity.

The clothes served approximately to 300 agents from the eastern part of Sicily are the following: Short-sleeved polo shirts, technical summer and winter pants, and thermal garments.

Our poles are designed for a wide range of activities for warm seasons, they are ergonomic and their fabric is breathable, antibacterial and absorbs body moisture, preventing cooling.

The pants combine dynamic performance with urban style for all seasons. Its design is ergonomic, thanks to the bi-elastic fabric which allows the user a great freedom of movement.
The summer has been made with latest generation fibers, with components derived from corn.

As for thermal garments, it should be noted that they have been made for a wide range of high intensity activities, their intelligent design is directly oriented to movement, so it is breathable, comfortable, insulates moisture and adjusts to the body.

Partenon reaffirms once again its commitment to expansion in the European market.