One of Partenon's successes is the person-to-person size service, which provides both the company and the clients with an optimization of resources in the purchase of uniformity. In this way we guarantee that a garment fit the measures (including special carvings) and type of pattern (female or male) of each user. This avoids, for example, situations such as a user receiving much longer pants, which would force him to adjust it with traditional sewing and this could cause a loss of properties of the product.

For the carving of all the uniformity of a Local Police like Vigo, Partenon has developed its own system that allows assigning to each of the users a barcode that crosses with the code of the garments that are assigned to each one of the posts and the sizes chosen by each agent. This allows a dump of automatic and real-time information in the system, which is received in the production plant in parallel.

Once the manufacturing process of each garment has been completed, our innovation technology and highly qualified personnel allow us to comprehensively review each product, complying with quality standards in the security sector. Finally, the uniformity is packaged and delivered exclusively to each user.