The single code issue represents the biggest plus we have to offer our client companies. In every serious organization, it is very important that each employee is identified as an exemplary member of sustainability to the business project. Each person is necessary.

In the case of security companies, the figure of the agent has a great mission. And everything he does or does not do will be reflected in the quality of the company's performance, since his work is just as responsible as that assumed by a soldier in the Army. A job where the main axis will always be discipline and order.

For this reason, through our traceability system we seek that order prevails. From the moment a garment is manufactured and this is assigned to an agent, he is aware that his uniform is associated with a unique code. Code that determines the entire destiny that the garment faces.


This code will then be linked to our Intranet platform. This platform allows us to guarantee our client companies what is happening with each of the companies and their respective relationship with the agent that uses it.

It is a measure whose purpose is to keep under control the fate of companies. If there was an unexpected event that led to the garments being worn by the fire, as is the case with the garments of the fire department, this event will be registered in the traceability platform.

Police Security Code

The entrepreneur or representative in charge of the organization that leads, will then have a balance of what garments have been deteriorating and why, as well as be informed about what type of agents are making more use of maintenance system that we offer in Partenon. In that way, You have total control of each of the garments.


The agent is told that the garment he receives is associated with a code. This supposes a very great responsibility, and they will have in clear that said pledge must be used exclusively for the work for which it was contracted.

If it is discovered that the garment was worn outside of working hours, it can be considered that an infraction of the company's internal regulations was made. So the unique code becomes an alternative that allows to regulate that the performance of the agents is coherent.

The other issue is that in the event that the agent reports that your garment has been stolen, you can send an alert notification to our system. If the garment comes to fall into the hands of unscrupulous people, our traceability allows us to shield ourselves judicially from the scope or crimes that come to be committed with it.


The traceability system is designed to be clear all the life that the garment faces, from the moment it is delivered to the agent until going through each of the times it is received in our company to receive maintenance.


The code allows you to analyze your life story and understand when it is reasonable to invest in new clothes for agents. Our garments have a long duration as long as there are no adverse situations that cause their deterioration.